Spring Creek Development

Spring Creek Development

Why is this important?

The Spring Creek Development would fundamentally change the area around 15th and Bryant and affect the traffic arround Forest Oaks.

Where will it be located?

This property is located east of Bank First across from Spring Creek, east of Panera Bread and 1/8th of a mile north 15th Street.

What kind of businesses will it bring?

A movie theater, specialty grocer, other shops, and ~325 apartment buildings.

How many stories high will these buildings be?

4 stories total, retail will be on the bottom with 3 stories of apartments above.

How much space will it add to Spring Creek?

260,000 sq ft of retail.

How much traffic will it add to the 15th and Bryant Intersection?

Traffic Study Shows 14,000 new cars per day

What will it look like?

It is an open air lifestyle concept, check out the brochure below.

Why is it such a controversy?

Some of the opposition's arguments are that it will take too much away from Edmond's green space, change Hafer Park for the worse, and add too much traffic to an already busy intersection. Proponents argue that it will be a valuable and unique addition to our city, provide more shopping, add tax dollars, and create living space.

Primary Sources

City of Edmond Planning Commission Tuesday Oct 4, 2016


1b. Minutes for this Meeting

Developer Brochure and Web Site

Page (http://www.poagllc.com/lifestyle-center/spring-creek/ ) no longer available from sponsoring site.

Edmond City Council Nov 14th, 2016


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Planning Packet and PUD (Planned Unit Development)